Value: $150 Million

Location: Clarksville, VA

Services: Commercial Damages, Lost Profits, Forensic Accounting


Delta was retained to provide cost estimation and analysis, forensic accounting, technical proofs of cost, resource and contract analysis, and construction review services regarding this data center facility. This work involved extensive financial and business investigation and evaluation, and a deep understanding of DHS data center requirements, all associated tasks orders, as well as site specifications and construction requirements.


Delta’s forensic accountants uncovered and analyzed critical accounting and business records necessary to identify facts, evaluate relevant issues, and quantify the impacts related to the project.  Their investigation included a thorough review of all the DHS data center requirements, the associated tasks orders, as well as the unique site specifications and construction requirements. The forensic accountant team used their conclusions to identify the relevant facts, evaluate key issues, determine the causes of the major impacts on the project. 


Delta’s client used this critical information to determine next steps, mitigate losses, and to plan legal and business strategies. DHS determined that the Clarksville facility was required to provide both primary services as well as redundant / contingency services to back up the data center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, which is vulnerable to hurricanes, power outages and other perimeter security threats.