Project Advisory & Business Solutions

The successful completion of a large project requires accurately establishing objectives, specifying tasks, determining and allocating resources, and then relating these to precise budgets and timelines. Once the plans are finalized and the implementation begins, the task of monitoring, overseeing and controlling the resources, timeline and expenditures becomes as critical as the preplanning phase.  

Delta’s professionals have the skills and knowledge from working on projects around the world to help clients coordinate the many aspects of a project. Delta’s experts help clients meet their goals by assisting with upfront cost estimates or contract requirements; midway through, by providing cost and scheduling reviews or labor production evaluations; or during the final phase with punch lists or final payment and lien releases.  

Delta develops baseline schedules, creates recovery schedules and analyzes impacted schedules for clients in a variety of industries. Our first-hand forensic knowledge concerning “what can go wrong,” enables us to quickly identify and understand potential problem areas and recommend site-specific solutions. 

Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant

Value: $1+ billion

Location: Taiwan
Services: Project Advisory

Delta performed schedule analysis, cost audits, change order cost/benefit analysis, preparation of time extension requests, and evaluation of reimbursement for delay and disruption costs.

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