An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is an employee benefit plan that gives workers ownership interest in the company. Beginning in 2018, Delta Consulting Group transitioned to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This plan was designed to provide long-term, wealth-building benefits to our employees. It comes at no cost to our team, and all employees are eligible to participate.

Studies show ESOP companies have higher rates of the following:

  • Productivity
  • Job Security

  • Training
  • Job Retention
  • Involvement
  • Employee Satisfaction


Research shows that employee owned businesses have generally outperformed conventionally-owned businesses. Corporate performance directly benefits the stock price, which benefits those in the ESOP program and its participants. ESOPs also benefit employees in many other ways. For example, this program is a second retirement plan for our employees, while conventionally-owned businesses primarily offer just one. Additionally, studies show ESOPs offer a better pay structure for their employees than non-ESOP firms, creating an extremely competitive compensation opportunity.

Delta prides themselves in their job retention rates. Companies with employee stock ownership tend to have higher retention rates, as well as better training. What studies have shown, is over time conventionally-owned companies have lowered their training expectations, where ESOP companies become more likely to provide training. Delta is proud to have adopted this business model that so greatly aligns with our core value of “creating a fertile ground for growth” for our employees.