Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Export Facility

United States

Value: $12+ billion


Delta Consulting Group’s scheduling and construction claims specialists were retained to work on one of the world’s largest construction projects on behalf of the joint venture (“JV”) team constructing the project. The JV was ramping up material and labor forces approximately halfway through the completion of the EPC when a Category 4 hurricane struck the coastal facility, decimating the regional supply chain, onsite material, and labor force, causing widespread destruction to the area, and eventually becoming one of the costliest hurricanes in the history of North America. Our experts performed a schedule and productivity analyses on the project impacts that occurred due to the hurricane, as well as quantified the damages resulting from those impacts.


Delta analyzed the contemporaneous project schedules to measure the delays occurring to each LNG train in the facility, along with the delays to other major areas of the project. Delta created a detailed forensic review of the engineering, supply chain, fabrication, and construction progress, determined pre-and-post impact status of the work and whether the JV was ready to achieve the work as illustrated in the schedule.


Delta supported its conclusions using charts, timelines, and other graphics to simplify the explanation of the how each of these facets was impacted, and how it delayed the overall project. Delta’s experts also analyzed the amount of additional and out-of-sequence work performed; the added management and direct field resources to accelerate the hurricane recovery effort, along with the resulting acceleration of supply chain, fabrication, and on-site construction to mitigate the damages.