Tong Zhao has broad experience in the engineering and construction of infrastructure, industrial, commercial, housing, and environmental projects.  He has provided consulting services including CPM scheduling, forensic delay analysis, productivity analysis, cost estimating, forensic engineering, claim analysis and damage analysis on domestic and international construction projects, including natural gas power generation facilities, commercial housing/buildings and World Bank funded large scale water diversion tunnels and dams.

Project Experience

  • Labor productivity analysis and expert witness testimony on a $600 million long span bridge project in Central America.
  • Forensic engineering analysis and expert testimony for a slope failure during the construction of a commercial facility.
  • Cost estimating and expert witness testimony on the probable costs for commercial/residential mixed-use buildings.
  • Analysis on loss of productivity in several commercial building construction projects using the measured mile method.
  • Engineering productivity impact analysis for a $300 million chemical process plant project in the Middle East as the result of numerous owner changes and directives to the design build contractor’s design that resulted in cumulative impact to contractor’s engineering productivity and schedule.
  • Claim analysis for adverse geological conditions during the construction of river diversion tunnels in a $4.2 billion World Bank financed multipurpose dam construction project.
  • Cost analysis and schedule analysis to help the client reach a settlement through mediation on a claim of about $200 million associated with a delay of about a year in a $1.1 billion rail construction project.
  • Delay analysis on TBM tunneling in a $1.5 billion World Bank financed international water diversion project.
  • Project management and dispute resolution to complete a $50 million power generation facility in Virginia.
  • Project scheduling and delay analysis for differing site conditions on a power generation construction project in Japan.
  • Damage repair cost estimating due to construction defects and water intrusion on multi-story hotels.
  • CPM delay analysis and measured mile study to rebut a $18 million claim in a light rail project.
  • CPM delay analysis in a $80 million wastewater treatment plant upgrade project.

Construction, Expert Witness

Tong Zhao is a “brilliant expert” who is “very detailed-oriented” and “finds arguments that others have missed”.

Construction, Quantum and Delay

Tong Zhao is “very thorough, reliable and very knowledgeable about impact claims”, with one client commenting: “Tong’s conclusions were never successfully attacked by the other side.”

Tong Zhao is “an expert in construction delay analysis” with in-depth knowledge of industrial, housing, infrastructure and commercial construction projects.

Tong Zhao is experienced across a broad range of infrastructure projects and is highlighted as “a skillful expert in time impact analysis and construction delay”.