Shannon Foster has experience in the areas of engineering technology and construction.  In particular, her experience includes implementing a daily tracking system using Bluebeam technology to contemporaneously document disruption and delay events occurring on a multi-billion dollar project. Additionally, she has aided in the preparation of factually supported affirmative and rebuttal documents involving subjects that include, delay, disruption and loss of efficiency.

Shannon is proficient in the application of AutoCAD, SketchUp, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Project.  She draws on these skills to create compelling graphic demonstrative evidence. Shannon’s on-site field experience includes assisting with construction coordination and work conflicts through 3D modeling and walk-throughs, implementing cloud based document control systems, as well as managing As-built efforts, purchasing agreements, RFIs and Change Orders.

Project Experience

  • Prepared comparative timeline graphics for multiple government projects.
  • Created 3D models to visually show the detail of the issues and claims at hand for an eight story apartment project.
  • Organized and inventoried over thirty thousand project documents for a large hotel project.
  • Provided construction estimates on various projects for comparative use.
  • Assisted with daily report and meeting minute reviews to extract relative data to assist expert’s written report.
  • Reviewed and assessed portions of claims for many government projects.
  • Supported and participated in the preparation of several expert reports for government projects.
  • Supported and participated in the preparation of several complex timelines and graphics for an ICC Arbitration regarding a bridge in Latin America.