Savannah Kleyla has worked as a project and field engineer and construction consultant for nearly five years. Savannah developed and implemented the plan for buyout for a $233 million convention center, performed layout and surveying for self-work and trade partner coordination efforts for a $365 million sports field, and created and maintained procurement logs and lead time for a $40 million botanic garden hall renovation. Savannah has a B.S. in Construction Management and is certified by the American Institute of Constructors.

Project Experience

  • Composed opinion reports based on analytical findings for multiple projects including schedule impacted multifamily builds, luxury homes damages, and civil work.
  • Performed forensic schedule analysis based on AACE recommended practices for multiple ongoing commercial multifamily campus projects.
  • Assessed compensability of damages and claims based on contract language, schedule analysis and estimated vs. actual costs for a luxury senior living community.
  • Received, sorted, assessed, and interpreted large amounts of data and details from documents for multiple commercial, luxury, and civic construction projects.
  • Assisted labor loss productivity analysis for an electrical trade partner on a large civil bridge project.
  • Developed and implemented the plan for buyout including estimation and confirmation of material takeoffs and analysis for a $233 million convention center expansion project.
  • Performed layout and surveying, assisted with cost controls, performed field safety and quality checks, coordinated material deliveries, laydown and site utilization for a $336 million sports field.
  • Prepared written scope and executed subcontract agreements for renovations and tenant improvements for a large building company.
  • Created and maintained procurement logs and lead time for all materials for a $40 million botanical garden and hall renovation.