Bob Dieterle, Jr. has over 9 years’ experience in the evaluation of financial damages and cost impacts on construction projects including new construction and renovations to existing facilities. Bob has focused on the analysis and preparation of fair and reasonable estimates for delay, disruption, and acceleration claims as well as assisting in calculating earned value and loss of productivity. Bob has worked with financial damages components of construction disputes, managed project deliverables, and participated in settlement negotiations. In addition, Bob has 4 years corporate finance experience related to the preparation of company-wide budgets, cash-flow forecasts, and monthly financial packages for operations managers.

Project Experience

  • Responsible for leading change order review and evaluation of claimed delay, acceleration and disruption claims for $10 billion major school district modernization and expansion program.
  • Determined and presented fair and reasonable estimates of delay and disruption related costs and lost productivity associated with submitted claims for major school district modernization and expansion program to the general contractor and subcontractors.
  • Performed a detailed audit of closeout packages for approximately 60 subcontractors following the completion of a $750 million Advanced Science Research Center project.
  • Assisted the appointed forensic accounting expert with the cost verification of an audit for a $12 billion government project through the completion of building take-offs and analyzing project contract scope data.
  • Evaluated potential damages emanating from the engineering work done by the design-build contractor including the determination of approved target hours and actual hours to calculate earned value assessments for $122 million claim.
  • Completed evaluation of damage assessments through quantity take-offs and estimates of required remedial work to establish multi-million-dollar estimates of the interior and exterior damages due to hurricanes on numerous properties for the remedial work required.
  • Analyzed the extra remedial work performed by a subcontractor to remedy the substandard work of a previous installer on a large stadium project by validating and analyzing cost and time backup documentation.
  • Performed measured mile analysis to substantiate productivity impacts resulting in a $25 million claim on a $233 million industrial plant project.