Rachel Weinthal has more than eighteen years of experience providing assurance, litigation, and forensic accounting services with a focus on accounting-related and fraud investigations. She has extensive experience in preparing expert reports and assisting in the preparation of expert witnesses for trial.

Rachel has worked on various matters including SEC and DOJ investigations of fraud and whistleblower allegations, employee embezzlement schemes, shadow investigations, monitorships, and insurance claim preparation. She has managed numerous engagements involving damages calculations in the support of expert reports, including the preparation of related analyses and exhibits.

Project Experience

  • Selected as the testifying expert on behalf of shareholders in a medical practice in a case against the majority shareholder who fraudulently sold shares in the practice to an external party.
  • Performed a shadow investigation of another forensic accounting firm relating to a whistleblower’s allegations relating to the accounting practices of a publicly traded business management services firm.
  • Provided forensic accounting services to a company in an effort to uncover and quantify an occurrence of employee theft at one of the company’s subsidiary locations. Drafted a report of findings to be submitted as a fidelity insurance claim in addition to being provided to the federal authorities, and a report of internal control recommendations to prevent fraud at the company going forward.
  • Assisted with a shadow investigation to provide oversight to an external consulting firm engaged to assist with the Company’s Audit Committee and Board of Directors’ investigation involving certain expense reimbursement practices related to the Bank’s executive officers.
  • Prepared an expert report on the business interruption and property damage loss and selected as the accounting expert to testify on behalf of a costume retailer in litigation against their insurance underwriter as a result of unpaid claims for damages sustained during Superstorm Sandy.
  • Served as project lead for an engagement team of seven professionals providing consulting and expert witness services to client, defendant, and sponsor of several residential mortgage-backed security trusts. The client allegedly breached mortgage representations and warranties pursuant to a mortgage loan purchase agreement. Responsible for drafting eight expert reports and supervising the data analyses in support of company’s opinion of the mortgage servicer’s role in the realized losses sustained by the trust.
  • Assisted the Special Compliance Coordinator appointed by the U.S. Department of Commerce in its evaluation of the telecom company’s compliance with export control regulations.
  • Provided consulting services to the Monitor of the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight relating to the compliance of two servicers with the servicing standards metrics set forth by each servicer’s consent judgment.
  • Prepared an expert report on behalf of a U.S.-based engineering firm in an arbitration matter relating to the FCPA non-compliance by their counterparty, a South American business consulting firm.