Nancy is a consultant with a demonstrated history of excellence in providing specialized schedule and delay services for large-scale construction projects on a global scale. Ms. Lee’s expertise lies in construction delay and litigation support. She has accumulated experience in consulting for areas such as infrastructure and transportation projects. Her proficiency in delay analyses and project scheduling gives her a firm foundation in construction management knowledge. Furthermore, Ms. Lee excels at providing substantial evidence by preparing visuals to explain delayed issues and to display areas of concern.

Project Experience

  • Provided delay analysis for the Stoney Trail Project in Alberta, Canada which makes up 25 kilometers of new six lane divided freeway between 17 Avenue SE and the east side of the existing Macleod Trail. Assisted and reviewed documents to create a chronology of events to demonstrate supporting evidence for the delay in the project.
  • Provided delay analysis of a $22.5 billion metro project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The project provides six more metro lines due to the growing population while trying to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. The project was delayed due to many issues such as design and change orders. Ms. Lee prepared graphics to demonstrate the delay in traffic availability and analyzed documents to support the delay.
  • Provided delay analysis for the DC Water Headquarter project which is about 151,300 square meters and houses about 350 employees. Ms. Lee used Primavera P6 to utilize the schedule for delay analyses such as preparing graphics to show delays in interior designs on the ground floor, 6th floor, and penthouse/roof level.
  • Provided delay analysis for the RAOS Project Oy, a nuclear power plant, in Helsinki, Finland by reading contemporaneous documents to determine the delays on the batches.
  • Provided delay analysis for the Trillium project in Ontario, Canada. The project is an 8 kilometer diesel light rail transit service and consists of 5 stations with 8 new stations being built. Ms. Lee utilized Primavera P6 to track activities on the critical path and created visuals to showcase total float and to compare as-planned versus as-built.
  • Provided delay analysis for the Eglinton project also known as the Eglinton Crosstown in Toronto, Canada. The project is a light rail line owned by Metrolinx and operated by the Toronto Transit Commission. The line includes 25 stops along Eglinton Avenue from Mount Dennis station to Laird station. Ms. Lee utilized Primavera P6 to gather all activities in each schedule onto a spreadsheet to track the activities progress. She created graphics to show the start, finish, and total float for construction and design activities.
  • Provided delay analysis for the Parsons Bus Radio Project in New York. The project is to install a Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) system for the city’s buses that complies with Project 25, the public safety radio standard. Ms. Lee analyzed documents to find reasons for delay in the design, procurement, and installation of the radios. She created graphics to show the progress for each borough.