Ken Froese has built a distinguished career in investigative and forensic accounting covering more than 3 decades of experience across a wide range of industries. Ken has provided expert testimony on numerous matters in Canada as well serving as an Arbitrator on financial matters.  He has successfully conducted and supervised financial investigations, including the quantification of losses and assessments of compliance with auditing and regulatory standards.

Ken has overseen investigations stemming from whistleblower submissions, shareholder disputes, and allegations of misconduct involving senior executives and finance/accounting professionals, among others. His experience in quantifying damages extends to various contexts such as commercial disputes, shareholder conflicts, family law cases, contract disputes, and disputes arising from construction and real estate development contracts.

Project Experience

  • Acted as Advisor to the Arbitrator in (1) evaluating financial claims between shareholders of a holding company with diverse interests; and (2) evaluated claims in a 74 day Arbitration addressing issues arising from the sale of a public media business.
  • Investigated media-related allegations on behalf of counsel to WE Charity Canada and WE Charity USA.
  • Assisted the OPP Biker Enforcement Unit in relation to an investigation involving alleged organized crime activities that included conspiracy to commit murder and drug-related and proceeds of crime-related offenses and provided two days of testimony in Quebec Criminal Court.
  • Provided expert evidence on the approach to quantifying damages in relation to Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche class action lawsuits in Canada related to emission defeat devices.
  • Quantified damages in lieu of specific performance (joint engagement with a Big 4 firm) for a long-term contract in the medical isotope field with damages claimed at $1.6 billion.
  • Assisted the Canadian subsidiary of an international company in investigating whistleblower allegations concerning an alleged concealment of a $6 million inventory shortfall.
  • Consulted to defense counsel on criminal matters involving charges of fraud, including matters involving former senior management of Royal Group Technologies and Nortel Networks.
  • Provide expert testimony in Quebec in relation to alleged auditor negligence in the audits of Castor Holdings Limited, with plaintiffs alleging to have incurred losses of over $800 million.
  • Acted as sole Arbitrator in a private arbitration where damages of approximately $14 million were claimed in relation to the purchase and sale of a business, including hearings related to production and examination orders.