Jeffrey Fuchs, co-founder of Delta Consulting Group, has contracting and consulting expertise based on over 35 years of experience in the engineering and construction industries. His expertise includes project management and project oversight; analysis and resolution of contract disputes, including delay analyses, damage calculations, and productivity impacts; forensic engineering and accounting; litigation support and expert witness testimony; project and corporate cost accounting; and property cost segregation studies.

Jeff’s prior experience includes positions as Area Director, Ernst & Young’s Construction Industry Consulting Services, Mid-Atlantic region; Vice President of Operations for a construction company; Director of Environmental and Contract Management for a large government agency; and Project Engineer for a large general contractor.  Jeff has the proven demonstrated ability to quickly assess problems encountered by owners, developers, contractors, engineers, government and financial institutions based on involvement with numerous, diverse projects totaling billions of dollars.

Project Experience

  • Provided loss of productivity and delay analysis; presentation of $1 billion in damages for a top ten contractor on combined cycle power plants in Argentina resulting in favorable recovery.
  • Provided expert witness services at an ICC Arbitration in London related to defects and lost profits claim regarding a $3 billion international telecommunications satellite project for a large aerospace company for defective and nonconforming goods.
  • Provided expert services on the $5 billion Panama Canal expansion project, including quantum and loss of productivity analysis.
  • Prepared detailed forensic accounting expert report for class action securities litigation applying GAAP/GAAS involving billions of dollars in construction projects.
  • Performed numerous forensic accounting assignments involving government contracts, fraud allegations, and analysis of cost overruns.
  • Acted as sole arbitrator for many disputes between Midwestern State DOT and highway contractors/subcontractors.
  • Provided expert witness services at an ICC Arbitration in Paris on a manufacturing defects case for a large German–based company.
  • Provided project management on a $500 million hospital renovation project.
  • Provided expert witness services on a material breach of contract and improper termination claim resulting in a $52.7 million arbitration award.
  • Provided expert witness services to a large contractor resulting in a $27.2 million judgment from a 12-member jury for unpaid construction services and interest for cleaning up an abandoned uranium site.

Thought Leaders Global Elite – Construction Experts

Jeffrey Fuchs is “imbued with credibility” according to sources who praise his ‘intellectual strength and his ability to make complex subjects easy to understand.’

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Jeffrey Fuchs has “extensive knowledge and experience” in damages claims and valuation and brings “outstanding quality” to his work.

Co-founder Jeffrey Fuchs (ranked #1 in the world for a second year) is a long-standing expert in the construction space. He draws on experience from over 35 years in the industry and is highlighted for “his pragmatism and willingness to think outside the box, while keeping objectivity and independence firmly in mind”.

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Jeffrey Fuchs is a “phenomenal testifying expert” who has expansive expertise in relation to contraction projects and over 35 years’ of experience in the field.

Construction, Expert Witness

Jeffrey Fuchs is acclaimed for his “phenomenal” work providing expert testimony in “complex construction disputes”.

Jeffrey Fuchs is acclaimed for his “phenomenal” work providing expert testimony in “complex construction disputes”.

Jeffrey E. Fuchs at Delta Consulting Group is a stellar expert witness with a reputation for handling the larger, higher-profile cases with ease.

Sources have no hesitation in describing Jeffrey Fuchs as a “consummate expert witness imbued with credibility.”


Mr. Fuchs is impressively precise and accurate in each and every detail, and doesn’t for a second lose the general overview “He possesses extensive knowledge and experience as an expert witness” “He is very strong and convincing on the stand” “Jeff isn’t fazed by anything”.

Jeffrey Fuchs impresses sources with his “outstanding performance and personality” before tribunals, as well as his “clear view” on all the issues involved in a dispute.

Jeffrey Fuchs leaves sources “impressed by the quality of his testimony, as well as his huge experience.” Another client comments: “He’s one of the best testifying experts that I’ve seen.”

Construction, Quantum and Delay

Jeffrey Fuchs has “great attention to detail and deep knowledge of construction”, according to respondents who consider him “an experienced testifier – good on his feet and not fazed by anything”.

Jeffrey Fuchs is consistently rated as one of the US’s top names for construction, quantum and delay work thanks to his extensive experience of working alongside engineers, developers and contractors.

Jeffrey Fuchs is well known in the market for his “excellent credentials” and “impressive intellectual strength.”