James “Jim” Wells has 30 years of experience in civil, structural, and environmental engineering.  He has worked on projects involving planning, design, permitting, construction administration, and field representation, as well as being involved in disputes resolution, claims analysis, and complex CPM schedule analysis. Jim has completed time impact analyses for claims on projects such as entertainment complexes, hospitals, transportation facilities, courthouse complexes, utility pipeline, stormwater retention projects and marine construction.  He developed and maintained CPM schedules for transportation facilities, hospitals, condominiums, and energy production facilities. He provided support in the schedule analysis to assess the nearly $200 million dollar cost proposal and subsequent claim for a transportation project. He gave project scheduling support to a surety pursuant to a takeover of the construction of a 550,000 square foot psychiatric hospital.  Jim analyzed the schedule at the time of the takeover, visited the project site to determine the status of construction, and supported the preparation of a completion schedule. Subsequently, he provided support in the development of schedule updates on a bi-weekly basis to monitor progress, identify issues and recommend ways to mitigate any delays.

Project Experience

  • Prepared baseline schedules and schedule updates for ESCO projects in Washington DC, West Point, NY, the State of Delaware, and Argonne National Laboratory.
  • Participated in comprehensive CPM schedule analysis and damages assessment while defending claims asserted against a city in central Florida.
  • Prepared detailed CPM schedule analysis on behalf of the U.S. Navy during the construction of a $100 million wharf in Guam.
  • Created a project document database, to include identification of potential claim issues, and analyzed project schedules for the Florida Department of Transportation on the $100 million Jacksonville Southern Interchange Project.
  • Performed claims consulting for the Florida Department of Transportation on several projects. Tasks included Technical Issue Analysis and CPM schedule preparation, analysis, and review.
  • Completion schedule design, preparation, and monthly updating for a $73 million entertainment complex.
  • CPM schedule design, preparation, and monthly updating for two mid-rise, multi-family housing projects in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Trial preparation and CPM schedule analysis for a $106 million claim on the VA Hospital Project in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Trial preparation for a contractor default and surety take-over issue on the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory project in Quantico, Virginia.