James Anderson has more than 7 years of experience working as a Construction Paralegal. He is qualified to provide consulting services to construction contractors in large commercial and government projects – litigation, arbitration, and claims disputes. In his previous role, he requested and coordinated delivery of selected project documents from clients, performed intake and management of project documents provided by clients, performed document review of project-related documents for analysis by construction experts/consultants, and assisted in the drafting of expert reports, delay/cost claims, and request for equitable adjustment (REA).

Project Experience

  • Created and managed large databases for companies involved in litigation and claims disputes.
  • Trained consultants and other outside partners on the use of eDiscovery software.
  • Performed large document review projects for construction companies involved in litigation and claims disputes (location of RFIs, Payment Applications, Bid Proposals, PCOs, COs, Contracts, Monthly and Daily Reports, Job Cost Detail Reports).
  • Performed language translation of construction documents on large commercial and government projects.
  • Documented areas and locations involving scope of work for contractors on residential construction projects.
  • Tracked and documented construction site conditions for clients involved in litigation.
  • Attended and documented destructive testing in litigation matters.
  • Produced large data sets to outside counsel, clients, and expert consultants.