Mark Dungan, Executive Vice President and co-founder of Delta Consulting Group, has over 35 years of experience in the construction and surety industries. Mark’s experience and expertise was derived from positions beginning as a field engineer and construction manager of a multi-billion-dollar corporation and growing through operations, division manager, vice president and equity owner of multi-million land development and construction company.

His extensive years of service working as a construction and project manager on construction sites, has given him an in-depth understanding of construction means, methods and the value of good project controls such as scheduling cost and productivity controls.  Building on that experience, he honed his skills as a claims consultant with an international consulting and accounting firm.  Mark is now sought out by public and private entities to provide project advisory services and by both plaintiffs and defendants to provide expert witness testimony on critical litigation matters. 

Project Experience

  • Testified in numerous matters involving delay, loss of productivity, cost estimates and construction defects. Projects include a $100 million detention center in Las Vegas with claimed damages in excess of $30 million.
  • Provided project controls including scheduling & delay analysis on a $343 million Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) for a power plant involving multiple gas turbines and gas engines coupled to Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) in Japan.
  • Directed the take-over and completion of major troubled construction projects in the US and Puerto Rico, including highway and bridge, public housing, municipal and school projects and a power plant.
  • Prepared cost-to-complete estimates and exposure analysis for sureties on several multi-project large loss performance bond claims. Analyzed numerous payment bond claims ranging from routine verification to complex multi-million-dollar delay and disruption claims.
  • Served as takeover and completion manager of an Engineering, Procurement Construction (EPC) contract for a gas fired power plant in Virginia following the termination of the original contractor.
  • Served as field engineer and construction manager on several coal-fired power plants in the US, providing services that included estimating, scheduling, quality and productivity control and contract administration.
  • Provided project management on a $26 million housing project for the US Coast Guard and the modernization of a high-rise government office building.
  • Provided affirmative claim preparation and litigation support for multi-million dollar claims on projects that include a $2 billion pipeline in Mexico, three power plants in Argentina and a coal gasification plant in Kansas.
  • Prepared expert report and gave deposition testimony in a matter involving alleged owner damages as a result of delayed project delivery. Performed overview schedule analysis and assessment of delays.
  • Prepared expert report and gave deposition testimony in a matter involving a claim for unpaid earnings and additional damages due to delay and disruption. Analyzed and commented on merit of claim and adequacy of support


Mark Dungan is vaunted as “meticulous in his hard work and always reliable”, with commentators pointing to his “great demeanour which triers of fact find truthful and cogent”.


Mark Dungan receives accolades for his “great mastery of scheduling issues” as well as his “outstanding forensic skills”.

J Mark Dungan is a standout testifying expert in the construction space. He comes highly recommended by sources who note that ‘the quality of his work is superb’.

Mark Dungan is highlighted as ‘an excellent expert witness who engenders trust in his testimony.’


Mark Dungan’s “great credibility as a witness” and “careful analysis” makes him a firm favourite for construction matters requiring top-tier testifying experts.

Mark Dungan is a well-established figure among peers who consider him a top name for high-value construction projects and disputes.

Mark Dungan stands out for the ‘superb quality’ of his work, as well as his great forensic skills.