Gene Lash, Senior Director of Delta Consulting Group has over 30 years of experience assisting clients with forensic accounting and economic damage issues.  His expertise includes financial fact-finding, forensic accounting, quantification of damages and special purpose audits on a wide variety of construction and commercial related disputes.  His construction experience includes quantifying extra work claims, delay and acceleration claims, disruption claims, lost profit claims and identifying the elements of false claims.  His commercial experience includes quantifying damages related to breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and patent, trade dress and trademark infringement.

Prior to joining Delta, he was a Director with an international consulting firm and a Senior Manager with a “Big 4” public accounting firm.  He has testified over 40 times in state and federal courts, and in AAA and JAMS arbitrations. He has also presented his findings and opinions in various mediations and negotiations.

Project Experience

  • Rebutted testimony and quantified damages for extra work and delay resulting from the construction of a bio-mass power plant on the island of Kauai.
  • Rebutted testimony and quantified delay, acceleration and inefficiency damages resulting from 4 years of both in-water and out-of-water construction of a $60 million bridge in Redding, California.
  • Testified to damages and lost profits associated with the development of 49 single family homes in Southern California.
  • Testified to delay, inefficiency and extra work damages resulting from the construction of a 5-mile fiber optic cable installation in Fresno, California.
  • Testified to over $30 million of damages resulting from the termination for cause of a design build contractor on a Southern California hospital replacement project under OSHPD jurisdiction.
  • Testified to the use and accounting of development funds in a $150 million mixed use development project in downtown San Diego. Testimony involved the comparison of actual and planned financing and construction activities before the project was halted and the quantification of damages.
  • Quantified over $380 million of damages for lost profits and additional costs as the expert for an international power plant owner associated with the failure of a headrace tunnel on a hydroelectric project in Panama, which resulted in a favorable settlement.
  • Assisted a contractor with escrow bid document and labor rate submittals for a $20M well drilling public works project in Southern California. Assisted client with negotiation and settlement strategies.
  • Prepared a rebuttal analysis of a breach of contract termination claim related to the operation and maintenance of water treatment and injection processes associated with oil development in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.
  • Analyzed and rebutted five years of revenue forecasts for a Northern California insulation contractor as part of its Chapter 11 plan of reorganization.

Construction, Quantum and Delay

Gene Lash continues to garner recommendations from peers for his assiduous collection of pertinent information and practical approach.

Gene Lash ranks highly among peers thanks to his adept handling of complex delay and disruption claims.

Gene Lash is described by sources as “extremely hardworking, diligent and creative.”

Construction, eXPERT WITNESS

Gene Lash is both “extremely hard-working and diligent”, and excels in “developing detailed reports” on economic damages valuation and quantification.

Gene Lash is ‘extremely hard-working’ and provides ‘detailed, supportable reports, with clear practical applications.’ One source effuses that ‘the only drawback is that there is but one Gene Lash.’

Gene Lash is ‘a great consultant’ who wins high praise for his top-notch financial damages valuations, delay analyses and testifying experience.

Gene Lash is an ‘insightful and creative’ expert who is ‘whip smart’ in his observations and advice.