Frank Wentink provides accounting, litigation support, and consulting services to a variety of clients, with expertise in claim pricing and analyses. These services include distilling vast amounts of information into easily traceable summaries using software logic and functions, researching legal, accounting, financial and operational documentation for usable information, and presenting solutions and recommendations for existing problems.  Frank is also experienced in business valuation and litigation support related to divorce proceedings.

Frank has over twenty years of analytical experience with the most recent concentrating in accounting and finance activities.  His responsibilities have included managing the technical and financial progress of multiple projects, running a small company’s general ledger and financial activities, and designing and monitoring cellular systems.

Project Experience

  • Used multiple techniques to find over $400,000 in errors in a claim against a client.
  • Developed a cost proposal for a 10-year, $1 billion project that would be based in 117 North American cities.  During the cost strategy process, discovered opportunities for cost savings of $35 million. This allowed the proposal to be presented to the government at a lower price.
  • Saved the federal government about $750,000 by recommending an early termination of a project that was proving to be unfeasible, behind schedule, and over budget.
  • Developed a methodology to trace the marital portion of financial income through almost two dozen brokerage accounts over twenty years to ensure an equitable distribution of assets upon marriage dissolution.
  • Using the methodology outlined in the AICPA’s Statement on Standards for Valuation Services No. 1, performed annual valuations for a construction company to aid in the distribution of company stock to employees.
  • Uncovered an embezzlement scheme of over $10,000 by an Office Manager of a company. Compiled a detailed package for the prosecutor that provided all the evidence necessary for conviction.
  • Provided analysis on extra work, delay and disruption damages, loss of productivity and lost profits totaling in excess of $3 billion related to the $5.2 billion expansion of the Panama Canal.