David Elzinga has served as an expert testifier and forensic investigator for over 30 years. He has represented clients on matters involving economic losses, criminal fraud and secret commissions, money laundering, insurance investigations, breach of contracts, shareholder disputes, family law matters, special purpose audits, and security related issues. David’s testimony and forensic investigations have included criminal, civil and commercial litigation matters in Canada and the United States.

David’s prior experience includes positions as the Manager of Investigations in the Enforcement Division of the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) and he was the Global Leader of Forensics for an international accounting firm.

Project Experience

  • Investigated and quantified losses in a variety of brokerage industry investigations on behalf of brokerage houses, stock exchanges, securities commissions, and individual investors including damages arising from alleged broker fraud and/or improper investment advisory services and provided expert witness testimony.
  • Quantified the losses in a fraud scheme for a series of large, complex foreign currency exchange transactions, provided expert witness testimony.
  • Investigated one of Canada's largest fraud cases involving the collapse of several financial institutions and complicated real estate transactions of more than $1 billion.
  • Assisted with various drug investigations involving asset tracing, money laundering, and the proceeds of crime and has provided expert witness testimony.
  • Quantified the losses association with a First Nations claim related to wrongdoings that occurred in Western Canada during the 1920s.
  • Quantified losses related to shareholder disputes, including losses arising from alleged fraudulent activities, alleged improper management, and alleged breach of contracts and breach of fiduciary duties, provided expert witness testimony.
  • Investigated and quantified losses regarding a contract dispute between an international telecommunications company and several Caribbean countries.
  • Assigned to a court-appointed receivership to review and oversee the operations of a full-service casino, leading to its eventual sale.
  • Investigated the affairs of Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society pursuant to the Societies Act of British Columbia (“Bingogate”).
  • Conducted and supervised several investigation and compliance assignments in the energy industry involving energy trading and regulations under the Electric Utilities Act of Alberta on behalf of the Market Surveillance Administrator.
  • Conducted forensic reviews focused on whether importers and/or manufacturers of leviable media appropriately collected and remitted the proper levies to the respective regulatory body.
  • Conducted forensic reviews on whether drug manufacturers were providing inappropriate subsidies to pharmacies resulting in overcharges to a provincial health agency.