Dakus Gunn has served as a consultant and testifying expert in dispute resolution for the last twenty years.  He provides expert analysis and testimony on delay, quantum and productivity issues, with a focus on the construction industry.

Throughout his career he has been involved with a wide variety of projects including roads & bridges, airports, power plants (coal, nuclear, wind and hydroelectric), commercial & residential high-rises, large-scale land development, hospitals, entertainment & sports arenas, and light rail projects.  These projects have been located throughout the Continental United States, Africa, and Latin America.  He has worked primarily on cases involving critical path analyses, contractor terminations, subcontractor disputes, loss of productivity, differing site conditions, change order disputes, and liquidated damages for owners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Project Experience

  • Delay and quantum analysis on a 750 MW solar facility and a 240 MW solar facility in Mexico.
  • Delay and quantum analysis and testimony before an ICC DAB related to 4 Wind Farms totaling 550 MW in capacity in Mexico.
  • Economic Damages analysis and testimony in an ICSID arbitration related to various disputes on a $400 million highway concession in Peru.
  • Delay and quantum analysis and testimony on a $200 million, 250 MW Wind Farm under AAA/ICDR arbitration rules in Texas.
  • Delay and quantum analysis and testimony on a $2 billion hydroelectric plant in South America.
  • Delay, quantum and productivity analysis and testimony on a $300 million, 50 MW, hydroelectric project including in Costa Rica in ICC Arbitration.
  • Delay, quantum and productivity analysis and testimony on a $300 million, 150 MW coal fired power plant in Chile in ICC Arbitration.
  • Productivity and quantum analysis and expert report on a $1 billion expansion of an international airport in the Middle East.
  • Delay and quantum analysis and testimony for a $270 million, 114 MW hydroelectric plant in Guatemala under ICC Arbitration.
  • Delay, quantum and productivity analysis and expert reports on two $5 billion, +4,750 MW Coal fire power plants in South Africa.
  • Delay and quantum analysis and delay testimony on $20 million in claims on Air Force Base project in Guam before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
  • Delay analysis and testimony regarding a $30 million multi-purpose range complex in Hattiesburg, MS project involving +10 million CY’s of earthwork over 5 years before the 19th Judicial District Court.
  • Quantum analysis and testimony on more than $25 million in claims on two supercritical boiler and steam generator units under AAA/ICDR Arbitration.


Dakus Gunn is “extremely knowledgeable about construction” with clients stating that his “insights into the management of large projects outside the US are invaluable”.

Thought Leaders, Economic Consulting, Quantum of Damages

Dakus Gunn is a highly regarded testifying expert with broad delay experience. Clients say “Dakus thinks laterally, has clarity in his vision for analysing complex issues and effectively executes to meet deadlines. He cuts through reams of data to produce a coherent and sensible analysis.”

Thought Leaders, Arbitration

Dakus Gunn at Delta Consulting Group is a “knowledgeable and easy-to-work-with” expert who earns acclaim for his “ability to see the grey in issues.” One client comments, “Dakus has become the person we call to know anything about the case.”

Construction, Expert Witness

The “very professional” Dakus Gunn is renowned for consistently doing an “outstanding job” in quantum and delay analysis.

Dakus Gunn is “a very strong expert on construction matters” according to respondents who note, “He is highly focused on the details of the case.”

Dakus Gunn is “diligent, hardworking and unquestionably professional,” according to sources, who also note that “he clearly knows what he’s talking about on construction issues.”


“Dakus is highly intelligent and extremely good at testifying” “Dakus can testify about both quantum and delay analysis which gives him a unique advantage” “He is very good, very thorough and very hands on”.

Dakus Gunn is a prominent specialist on delay, quantum and productivity matters, principally in construction, infrastructure and energy cases.

Dakus Gunn enjoys a phenomenal reputation in the market and is highly sought after by clients who note, He thinks strategically and is always willing to provide his thoughts and insights.

Construction, Quantum and Delay

Dakus Gunn has “an excellent ability to explain with clarity complex technical issues” and is held in high esteem for “his around-the-clock availability” and ability to “handle cross-examination extremely well”.

Dakus Gunn is commended for his “excellent poise during cross examination” and “ability to process a significant amount of data”.

Dakus Gunn is an “absolute pleasure to work” with according to sources who admire his “great knowledge and insightful advice.”

Dakus Gunn brings a wealth of experience in the development and construction industry and according to clients “knows his stuff inside-out.”

experts, financial advisory and valuation – Quantum of damages

Dakus Gunn is highlighted as “very good at testifying and being cross-examined” and possesses “excellent analytical skills”. Sources add, “Dakus is great at explaining complex issues in an easy to understand manner.”