Christian Karwoth has more than ten years of experience in the civil engineering and heavy construction industry. He has spent the majority of his career working on large industrial and infrastructure projects throughout Latin America where he has obtained fluency in Spanish and been an integral part of several ICC Arbitration and Dispute Adjudication Board proceedings.  He has provided analysis on delays, productivity and quantum damages for disputes ranging from US$40 million to US$600 million and has testified as an expert fact witness.

Project Experience

  • Review and response to US$400 million in claims from the Owner and preparation and elaboration of US$150 million in counterclaims from the Contractor for a US$2 billion hydro-electric power plant project in the Andes Mountains in Chile.
  • Performed detailed productivity analysis on civil works, impact assessments due to late drawing submissions, analysis and evaluation of Change Orders and Site instructions and calculation of damages for a US$250 million expansion of a coal fired power plant in Chile. Provided Testimony at Arbitration in New York City.
  • Preparation of Dispute Adjudication Board submissions according to FIDIC Red Book for a hydro-electric power plant in the Peruvian Andes, assessing entitlement for Extensions of Time in underground works due to severe changes in BoQ quantities and unforeseeable ground conditions. Provided Testimony at hearings in London.
  • Site management for tunnel and cavern excavation (NATM), claim substantiation and documentation for excusable delays owed to unforeseeable underground conditions, changed support designs and execution methods.  Responsible for conducting resource planning, progress monitoring, and data analysis for a 155 MW hydro-electric power plant.
  • Site management and subcontractor coordination on a coal fired power plant. Preparation of schedules and implementation of acceleration measures. Claim substantiation and documentation due to restricted access to Owner provided work areas and trade stacking on a 150 MW power plant in Chile.
  • Contract and Subcontract administration, incl. substantiation and assessment of Claims and Variations in TBM tunneling, preparation of cost forecasts, evaluation and negotiation of Project Change Orders, preparation and negotiation of monthly payment applications and resource management for a 540 MW hydro-electric plant in Chile.
  • Review and preparation for tender documentation for various hydro-electric power plants in South America.