Alex Lober has worked as a project manager, engineer, and claims analyst in the construction industry for more than a decade.  He has worked on multiple complex multimillion dollar projects including wastewater treatment plants, commercial buildings, as well as telecommunication projects. His support of testifying experts, consulting services, development of project chronologies, and productivity and project schedule analyses make Alex an established expert with a wide range of expertise.

Project Experience

  • Managed the coordination and study of contractor productivity for a $133 million rail replacement project on a 48-mile-long municipal metropolitan transit system.
  • Assisted with a detailed delay analysis on post-substantial completion issues and preliminary damage calculations for a $195 million, 400,000 SF garage and maintenance facility.
  • Led the review of project schedule updates for a 50,000 SF student center renovation project requiring review of monthly updates to determine critical path impacts and potential delays to the project.
  • Managed the review of curtainwall progress on a commercial building project requiring over 800 panels of glass manufactured by two different international manufacturers.
  • Provided support to the testifying expert on a $50 million wastewater treatment plant project in which geotechnical conditions and weather events impacted productivity for the construction of an influent pump station.
  • Provided support to the testifying expert on a $4.1 billion mining and processing facility by developing the critical path analysis of the process critical design and developing an analysis of project records to understand the impact of late critical equipment deliveries by third party suppliers.
  • Assisted with review of geotechnical issues and late deliveries of critical construction equipment experienced during tunneling work for a €165 million, 12.9 km water supply tunnel.
  • Provided support to the testifying expert witness for a general contractor on a $1 billion petrochemical plant with an analysis of the project critical path combined and a review of design changes including equipment specification changes to steel layout design changes that had knock-on effects to pipe routing causing an increase in pipe lengths.
  • Provided support to the testifying expert witness for the general contractor of a $50 million natural gas facility through the review of pipe installation quality control reports to explain how improper welds had been made on piping in a critical area of the project. The analysis used a 3D model of the critical area to demonstrate how mechanical repair crews were within a 30-foot fall radius leading to critical delays.
  • Managed the intake and review of over 7000 correspondence documents on a telecommunications project, identifying significant documents for use in the support of report writing efforts.
  • Construction site inspector for the rehabilitation of an existing 2500 LF gravity sewer line carrying high temperature industrial wastewater and an adjacent 0.4 MGD city wastewater lift station.