Aaron Radack has worked for several years as a project engineer, estimator, scheduler, project controller, and project manager primarily on U.S. Department of Defense contracts. He also has significant experience analyzing and supporting construction delay and damage claims. Aaron also performs schedule analysis, cost and labor analysis, data review and analysis, graphics creation, and writes expert reports.

Project Experience

  • Managed every aspect of multiple multimillion dollar U.S. Department of Defense fueling projects (fuel facility repair and full tank clean) from review of RVP through closeout. Prepared schedule impacts and REA requests.
  • Wrote $10 million REA claim for labor inefficiency, fabrication shop underutilization and material escalation costs.
  • Responded to an expert delay claim which requested $1.8 million from the insurance carrier, wrote a rebuttal report for the insurance carrier. Ultimately leading to successful mediation and reduced claim payment of only $750k.
  • Performed schedule analysis and payroll analysis to support a productivity claim on a large-scale highway paving job in Arizona.
  • Performed detailed weather analysis to support a delay claim on a 5-story apartment complex in Nebraska.
  • Performed schedule delay analysis and wrote a memo report to support mediation for a claim involving construction of public high schools in California.
  • Performed schedule analysis and created a linear schedule to support a claim involving duct bank install in Calgary.
  • Performed monthly schedule review and provided a monthly report of schedule issues to the owners representative on multiple projects.
  • Assisted in writing an Expert report refuting LDs assigned to a GC during Covid-19 lockdowns in California.