The success of a project depends on thorough planning and the use of effective project cost and scheduling controls. Delta develops baseline schedules, creates recovery schedules, and analyzes impacted schedules for clients in a variety of industries. Our first-hand forensic knowledge concerning “what can go wrong,” enables us to quickly identify and understand potential problem areas and recommend site specific solutions.

Our scheduling professionals provide project leadership and oversight, maintain a constant focus on the construction schedule, effectively monitor and communicate with our clients on a continual basis, and provide detailed documentation and reports.  Delta uses the Critical Path Method (CPM) of scheduling using industry standard software such as Primavera® Project Planner (P3/P6) and MS Projects to ensure that our clients receive the full value for their construction project budget.

Delta’s scheduling experts provide a broad range of services including developing detailed pre-construction schedules and construction duration estimates, developing detailed as-planned schedules, updating as-planned schedules and assessing progress, evaluating existing schedules, reporting discrepancies and providing recommended solutions. Should a project begin to experience delays, our scheduling team helps determine the most efficient way to get the project back on track.


  • Schedule Review and Oversight
  • As-Built Schedule Preparation
  • Change Order Evaluation
  • Specification Development and Compliance
  • Project Specific Customization
  • Baseline Schedule Development
  • Scheduled Value and Resource Loading
  • Progress Updates and Schedule Adjustments
  • Earned Value Reporting and Progress Payments
  • Recovery Plans
  • Evaluation of Contract Extensions
  • Excusable and Non-Excusable
  • Compensable and Non-Compensable