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Expert Witness Testimony

In litigation, the testimony of an expert witness can mean the difference between winning and losing. Honesty, integrity, and credibility; a well-qualified expert can provide a significant advantage in high-stakes litigation, arbitration, and other types of disputes. Delta’s experts have an outstanding track record of successfully testifying before the courts and in arbitration proceedings, in cases ranging from satellite defects litigation to complex international power plants.

Our professionals have significant experience with virtually every type of dispute, including cost and scheduling overruns, accounting malpractice, excessive change orders, differing construction site conditions, and contract compliance issues. Many Delta professionals hold advanced degrees and professional licenses and certifications in engineering, forensic accounting, project management, construction scheduling, and cost estimating. We understand our client’s business as many of our professionals have “walked in their shoes” as an owner, developer, construction manager, contractor, sub-contractor, financial officer, controller or contracting officer.

Finding and presenting the facts in numerous controversies has earned Delta respect from our clients as well as our adversaries. Using proven and tested methodologies and evaluations, we are confident that our independent analysis provides our clients with effective expert testimony that will stand up against any type of judicial examination. Delta’s expert witness engineers, construction expert witnesses, and forensic accounting experts have provided clients with invaluable testimony and detailed expert reports in numerous high profile and complex cases.


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