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Loss of Productivity

Loss of Productivity can be one of the most challenging damages to credibly establish in a construction claims matter. Its foundation relies on the assertion that the work could have been performed at a better level of production, absent the claimed impacts and/or delays.

Delta’s cross-disciplinary team has a broad spectrum of experience establishing cause and effect relationships and proving damages based on these concepts for both owners and contractors. Our independent and objective approach has been successful in preparing Loss of Productivity claims, as well as defending against them. Our experts work with clients and their attorneys to quantify and calculate the damages, allowing them to confidently make critical decisions to prevent or mitigate losses.

Through our unique combination of engineering, accounting, and scheduling experts, along with their experience working on countless cases involving these concepts on a wide variety of projects, Delta is positioned to provide its clients with the most reliable analyses and conclusions available. This allows our clients to navigate the dispute resolution environment with sound information and dependable conclusions. In the event that a negotiated resolution is unattainable, our testifying experts have extensive experience representing clients in arbitrations, trials, and in other international venues on the complex issues involved in disruption and inefficiency claims.

Delta’s team of loss of productivity experts have written numerous articles, including peer reviewed articles, and many were selected to be in the Who’s Who Legal publications.


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