Accurately forecasting the cost and budgeting for a construction project is critical to the financial outcome of any project. Delta Consulting Group’s cost accountants and managers analyze the essential information needed to predict project cash flow requirements and determine if the project costs are accurate and complete. Our team compiles critical data, using the best available project information to estimate all of the costs associated with material, equipment, and labor. Delta’s detailed analyses enable clients to better understand how the various factors on the job will impact final costs and the outcome of the project.

Delta’s professionals have worked with clients on virtually every issue associated with construction projects, through the complete life cycle of the job. We advise clients at the beginning of a project, from preparing feasibility studies, to advising a client on troubled projects, through litigation establishing causation, liability and damages. Because we have seen this full cycle, we know what to look for, up front. This often keeps our clients from making critical cost and budgeting mistakes once the project is underway, which in turn cause major cost overruns and delays.

Most companies involved in complex construction projects are concerned with two key factors: controlling costs and delivering the project on time. By accurately budgeting and planning and managing your costs, your risks will be minimized.


  • Time & Dollar Budgeting
  • Assessing Cost Control & Collection
  • Procurement/Contracting Option Evaluations
  • Bid Solicitation & Review
  • Change Order, Purchase Order & Progress Payment Reviews
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Due Diligence & Forensic Accounting
  • Equipment Valuation/Depreciation