Construction is a risky business, even when the global economy is strong and the project is on time and on budget. At any given time during a project, unforeseen factors (fires, floods, pandemics, earthquakes, hurricanes, force majeure events) can turn a successful project into a troubled one. For over 20 years, Delta has worked with owners, investors, developers, financial institutions, contractors, subcontractors and their law firms to determine how to turn a project around and prove or mitigate impacts.

Delta’s professionals provide risk management strategies and project advisory services.  Typically, troubled projects require extensive coordination with attorneys, architects, developers, builders, lenders, brokers, and property managers. Delta can efficiently and effectively oversee the coordination and communication necessary to complete the project.

However, it is known that all projects are susceptible to problems and can face restructuring or default. Delta’s support can be invaluable when the only options are complex workout, litigation or bankruptcy. Having seen numerous project failures through our litigation support practice, Delta brings a unique understanding of the nuances of troubled project financing and legal inquiries.


Takeover & Completion
  • Risk Allocation Strategy
  • Competitive Bid Re-let
  • Fund Control & Trust Account Management
  • Preserving Critical Sub-contracts
  • Latent/Patent Defect Correction
  • Value Engineering