Construction is a particularly risky business and being in the construction industry means taking risks, whether you are an owner, developer, contractor, surety or working in a related discipline. Careful, thorough planning and identifying risks are critical to making informed decisions and avoiding costly time delays or project cost overruns. After years of consulting with clients on troubled projects and disputed claims, our professionals know first-hand that most of these expensive issues could have been avoided and losses could have been mitigated, if the client had implemented an effective risk management process at the beginning of the project.

Delta Consulting Group understands that every project is a unique venue, with its own set of risks and exposures. Our accountants and construction project managers work with clients to develop proactive strategies, ahead of time and planned for, to avoid costly reactive responses. For example, faced with building a new power plant in Latin America, our team would work with the developer to identify all critical project-specific risks, determine unusual potential delays and costs due to working in an international environment, conduct feasibility studies and technical reviews and develop reporting and monitoring systems. Once a project has been started, Delta can conduct an objective, independent risk audit to determine if all major risks were correctly diagnosed, are being managed properly and identify gaps that need to be closed. In addition, we can oversee the implementation of the new plan to ensure the overall success of the project is dramatically enhanced.

Delta develops strategic and risk management plans by first understanding our clients business and project goals and then identifying the most critical variables and risks that will impact the achievement of those goals.


  • Access Evaluation & Positioning
  • Evaluate Financial Process Effectiveness
  • Verify Regulatory Compliance
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Business Plans & Financing Memorandums
  • Forecasts, Projections & Cash Flows
  • Construction Scheduling Risk Identification
  • Risk Identification & Assessment
  • Risk Management Policies
  • Reduce Financial Volatility
  • Capital Project Assessment
  • Competitive Assessments & Due Diligence