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Defects and Forensic Engineering

When a dispute over a manufacturing defect or a defective construction project occurs, clients need accurate information so they can make critical decisions that often have a profound impact on their business. Our forensic and structural engineers and construction professionals have the expertise and experience necessary to provide comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the disputed issues through a meticulous investigation of the facts. Delta has successfully assisted numerous national and international clients in resolving complex defect issues at various stages of a dispute.

Our professionals have provided evaluations of manufacturing products, including effects of corrosion and defective components, as well as construction defects, with specialized expertise in EIFS systems, water intrusion, mold remediation and evaluation of compliance with building code, safety codes, and contract plans/specifications. Delta’s team has developed explicit restoration plans, cost to complete analysis and schedules for re-construction of damaged or distressed buildings. In addition, we work with our clients to determine if the construction defect can be economically corrected and, if not, we evaluate the current and life cycle damage attributed to the defect.

Our forensic engineering and construction professionals have a proven track record in successfully analyzing, evaluating, and advising clients on their unique issues and helping them find solutions that are appropriate for their specific situation.


  • Destructive and Non-Destructive Inspections & Tests
  • Mold and Sick Building Evaluations
  • EIFS Systems
  • Work-in-Place Compliance Evaluations
  • Defective Construction Damage Evaluations
  • Construction Delay Evaluations
  • Life Cycle Damage Calculations
  • Defective Manufacturing Components
  • Effects on Corrosion
  • Calculation of Lost Profits
  • Quantification of Lost Profits

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