A comprehensive assessment of an accounting irregularity, a damage claim, or a troubled project starts with a detailed forensic analysis.  Using their investigative and analytical skills, Delta’s forensic accountants uncover and analyze the critical accounting and business records necessary to identify the facts, evaluate the relevant issues and quantify the impacts related to the allegation or situation. 

Our experts have extensive public contract experience preparing and reviewing Request for Equitable Adjustment & Claims. In addition, we have the following audit experience:

  • Incurred-Cost
  • Contract Compliance
  • Performance

Delta’s clients use this critical information to determine next steps, to mitigate their losses and to plan their legal and business strategies.  Should a forensic evaluation lead to litigation, Delta’s specialists can assist with interrogatories, prepare expert records, evaluate opposing expert reports, and provide expert witness testimony.


  • Troubled Project Financial Analysis
  • Exposure Assessments
  • Identification and Evaluation of the Merits of a Potential Claim
  • Identification of Document Sources
  • Development of Comprehensive Production Requests
  • Determination of Relevance and Reliability
  • Contract Cost Allowability (FAR)
  • Request for Equitable Adjustments (REA) and Construction Claims
  • Responses to Audit Reports
  • Asset Tracking of Indemnitors
  • Expert Witness Testimony