Tiffany Fossett has over ten years of business and program management experience in large organizations, including working with the federal government.  She has a comprehensive background in communications, budget and finance, and administrative procedures.  Tiffany has a proven ability to use quantitative analytical techniques and qualitative research to understand project scope and initiate program improvements, propose creative solutions and bring projects to completion under strict deadlines and within budget.

Tiffany previously worked at the Department of Transportation (DOT), Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Engineering and Research Division and at the General Services Administration (GSA), Information Resources and Privacy Management Division.

Her experience includes database development, research support, technical issue analysis, program and project cost analysis, and demonstrative graphics.  Tiffany is proficient in all Microsoft Office Suites, Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail, Lotus Notes, Adobe, Internet Explorer, DELPHI, PRISM, E2 Travel System, GovTRIP, and Federal Personal Payroll System.

Project Experience

  • Supported and participated in the preparation of several complex timelines and graphics for an ICC Arbitration regarding a bridge in Latin America.
  • Created trial demonstrative graphics including delay schedules, timelines, and other graphics for large luxury condominium project in Miami, FL.
  • Assisted with daily report analysis on a delay claim on a school in New York.
  • Managed the conversion and provided analysis on documents for a large ICC Arbitration matter in Panama.
  • Provided wage analysis and wage per position worked analysis for Expert Report.
  • Created complex flow-charts and other graphics on aerospace project.
  • Assisted with a delay and impact analysis regarding superintendent daily reports.
  • Analyzed financial information and supporting documentation of financial metrics.
  • Prepared duration comparison graphics involving As-Planned v As-Built.
  • Created timelines, delay schedule graphics on a matter involving a Broward County School.