Shilpa Clark is a highly skilled construction claims consultant with experience in complex construction claims and project management. She has worked extensively on analyzing damages for various types of projects.  Shilpa has analyzed and quantified damages in conjunction with delay analysis for wind farm projects in Canada, pipeline projects across the US, and energy projects across South America. She has coordinated and managed personnel across time zones and cultures. She has worked on various projects worldwide as well as on site in Guam and Brazil.

Project Experience

  • Worked extensively on analyzing damages for various projects in South America including several Generator Powerplants in Chile, an LNG Terminal in Brazil, and a Solar Power Plant also in Brazil. These claims involved working with teams and clients across Europe and South America. Coordinated and managed personnel across time zones and cultures to produce thorough and timely communications, author reports, generate graphics, and provide litigation support.
  • Analyzed and quantified damages in conjunction with delay analysis for a wind farm project in Canada. Satisfactorily achieved settlement beyond client expectations.
  • Successfully mediated (National Arbitration and Mediation) on behalf of a real estate developer having incurred damages and lost sales due to poor contractor performance.
  • Analyzed Contract Documents and Project financials for a multimillion-dollar heavy concrete dual hangar construction project for the US Air Force Base in Guam. Worked on-site with client personnel to identify expenditures and detail overages to accurately forecast project Cost to Complete to report to the Pentagon as well as the Government of Guam.
  • Successfully mediated on behalf of an owner regarding materials delays and subsequent construction delays. Used contemporaneous communications and other project documents to ascertain whether the cause was attributable to the internationally based subcontractor and/or the major US contractor in the role of General Contractor.
  • Created and maintained an intensive workbook to perform labor studies with quarterly updates for a major multimillion-dollar infrastructure project in the US. Incorporated labor turnover as well as overtime inefficiencies based on MCAA stipulations.
  • Quantified damages to obtain multimillion-dollar Performance Bond funds due to inferior construction of a luxury commercial building in New York City. Structure assessments were performed via several site visits, building probes, and drops.
  • Performed schedule delay analysis of training facility construction for the US Army. The analysis resulted in an early settlement offer by the opposing party to the satisfaction of the client.
  • Calculated damages incurred by a subcontractor due to General Contractor imposing stringent PPE requirements, as well as severe Heat Index and seasonality impacts stemming from GC caused delays.
  • Assessed damages, delays, inefficiencies, as well as impacts of seasonality, using measured mile on several pipeline, infrastructure, and real estate construction projects throughout the US.