Jorge de los Reyes has more than 17+ years of leadership experience in Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies from global engineering & construction to risk-based consulting with a Big 4 Audit Firm across private and government entities. He has served on two international assignments (EXPAT) and has held positions in operations, contracts, commercial management, program & project management and has supported clients in North America, UK, Norway, Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico.

His experience has helped clients develop comprehensive risk and execution models throughout asset life cycle of projects and has provided critical insight to clients in the recapitalization and transformation of project restructuring by focusing on governance, financial controls, contract assessment, and overall risk management to maximize operational and financial performance. Jorge’s advisory experience has also supported financial and cost reconciliation disputes for international infrastructure arbitration cases.

Jorge has represented a broad suite of solutions across multiple disciplines of the infrastructure sectors for projects ranging from USD$50M to over $1B in Capex (multiple geographic regions) in O&G, energy, renewables, utilities, higher education, healthcare, transportation (airport, highway, metrorail, marine), government, banking, and manufacturing.

Project Experience

  • Metrorail, South American / European EPC Consortium: provided a Cost Management and Governance Framework Assessment for an EPC consortium for the Metrorail and airport expansion (South America)
  • Hydroelectric Plant Arbitration: provided the financial and cost controls reconciliation to support client dispute on a 50MW project (Central America)
  • Mining, Contract Strategy & Risk Workshop: global mining client focused on South American open-pit copper mine with capacity of 500 million pounds of copper (North America)
  • Steel Coke, Project governance & cost assessment: conducted a Project Execution Plan for construction and steel industries; advised North American Steel Coke Plant with +1M ton production capacity, and over USD$80M in capital for plant refurbishment (North America)
  • Hydroelectric Project: supported the external assessment for a construction arbitration project undergoing delays with multiple contractors; (South America)
  • Mining, Performance Indicators Review: reviewed and prioritized functional operations, financial, and social metrics for the corporate development group of an international mining company’s regional execution plan (South America)
  • Higher Education PMO: conducted a governance assessment and implemented project execution recommendations for improving the Facilities Division PMO of a North American university’s infrastructure development plan. (North America)
  • U.S.-based Midstream Company: Contract reviews and cost management (invoice reviews) using EPC best practice with risk focus for commercial management of subcontractors (North America)