Alexander Kuestermann is a skilled Industrial Engineer who graduated from the University of Miami in Florida, USA. Prior to joining Delta, Alexander spent four years at Berkeley Research Group, where he gained valuable experience in economic damages analysis for construction arbitration cases. His work at Berkeley focused on litigation support and damages consulting, with a primary focus on contract disputes, fraudulent investigation, damages assessment, investigation preparation, and assisting with expert reports.

In addition to his experience in economic damages analysis, Alex possesses a strong background in organization and management processes, operations research, industrial cost analysis, and investigations. His expertise in these areas has proven to be invaluable in his past roles, and we are confident that he will continue to excel in his position at Delta.

Alex is fluent in both English and Spanish, making him an asset to our team. We are thrilled to have him on board and look forward to seeing the contributions he will make to our organization.

Project Experience

  • Assisted in executing independent expert reports related to damages for 8+ construction disputes under ICSID rules for projects including a metro train, hotel resorts, oil & gas refineries, airport, telecommunication networks in LATAM region.
  • Performed expert cost, quantum, and productivity analysis to identify delays that occurred, inefficiencies, accelerations efforts and other labor-related metrics to provide an explanation for the causation and effects on several delay events and associated costs incurred.
  • Coking Plant, Refinery in Mexico –Assisted in an International Arbitration (ICC) case in the economic quantification due to the losses suffered by the contractor due to the disruptions caused during the execution of the project.
  • Refinery Modernization (Peru) -Participated in the preparation of an independent expert report on the economic damages caused in the Modernization project of a Refinery in Peru for a Spanish multinational company specialized in engineering and construction of infrastructures for the oil and gas sector.
  • Remodeling of the resort hotel (Jamaica)- Analyzed the contractual requirements of the project in terms of scope, time, costs, quality, review and analysis of the work breakdown structure (WBS), activities, work packages and deliverables, actual duration of the activities, precedents and identification of critical and subcritical paths. of the project. Assisted in reviewing P6 schedules as planned and as built for a hotel in Jamaica that included the refurbishment of the resort's signature restaurant; Golf course maintenance facilities and irrigation works; construction of new service area facilities: back of house; and the Oleander project.
  • Transport and Access Telecommunications Networks (Peru)- Supported the development of an independent expert report and reviewed the economic proposal submitted by the Contractor for transportation and access networks for the subregion of Cajamarca and Tumbes-Piura, Peru.
  • Topside LNG Regasification Module (Bahrain)- Assisted in the preparation of an independent report based on BRG's evaluation of hundreds of change orders to quantify the impact of change orders and determine the total cost to which the subcontractor is entitled.
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance, Peru- Contributed and participated in the development of an expert report for the Government of Peru under ICSID rules, in relation to a claim for the construction of an underground metro in Lima. He analyzed documents and evidence for the analysis of construction costs and economic damages presented during the work.
  • Spain-based general contractor providing engineering, procurement and construction of power generation and industrial plants, particularly in the oil and gas sector. - Refinery construction site, Peru -Contributed and participated in the development of an expert report for submission to the ICC Court of Arbitration regarding delays, loss of productivity, and economic damages
  • Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, PIARCO International Airport -Contributed and participated in the development of an expert report related to the review of the cost estimates prepared on September 4, 1998, for the construction of the PIARCO International Airport
  • Assisted in intelligence security anti-fraud projects administrative and asset due diligence, permitting and compliance due diligence and relationship mapping.