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Schedule and Delay Analysis

Often the most significant unanticipated costs on a construction project are the financial impacts associated with delays. Determining causation and understanding the damages due to delay and disruption can be complex, time consuming and can achieve mixed results. Delta’s forensic scheduling experts and accountants are experienced with the variety of industry accepted delay analysis methodologies and provide the independent analysis necessary to effectively evaluate the cause of the delay, as well as the true financial impact to the project.

Such analysis can, and often times does, involve in depth analysis of changes in the work, differing site conditions, force majeure events, subcontractor performance, procurement issues, owner interference, labor productivity, and acceleration.

In addition, our scheduling teams work with our forensic accounting and forensic engineering experts to determine the financial impact of the delay. This work includes determination of extended general conditions, extended field costs, home office overhead, incentive/disincentive amounts and liquidated damages.


  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Recovery Plans
  • As-Planned vs. As-Built
    and Delay Overview
  • As-Built Critical Path Identification
  • Detailed Causation Analysis
  • Delay Apportionment to
    Responsible Parties
  • Acceleration (Directed/Constructive)
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Concurrency/Pacing Analysis
  • Extended Field Office Overhead
  • Unabsorbed Home Office Overhead
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Direct Damages

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