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GAR 100

Delta Consulting Group is listed in the 2019 Global Arbitration Review (GAR) 100, which is a publication that identifies the top law firms and expert witness firms in the international arbitration discipline. According to GAR 100, “In terms of activity versus size, Delta Consulting comes out as an impressive contender in our table of energy and construction arbitrations.”

  • In the 2019 publication, Delta rose in the rankings:Delta is 6th in the world for total number of construction arbitrations a firm undertook.
  • Delta is 10th in the world for the total number of energy arbitrations a firm undertook.
  • Delta is 21st in the world for the total number of cross examinations faced by members of a firm.



Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders Arbitration 2019: Expert Witnesses Analysis

  • Jeffrey Fuchs is a 'phenomenal testifying expert' who has expansive expertise in relation to construction projects and over 35 years’ of experience in the field.
  • Dakus Gunn at Delta Consulting Group is a 'knowledgeable and easy-to-work-with' expert who earns acclaim for his 'ability to see the grey in issues'. One client comments, 'Dakus has become the person we call to know anything about the case.'

Who’s Who Legal Thought Leaders Consulting Experts:  Economic Consulting - Quantification of Damages 2019

  • Co-founder Jeffrey Fuchs is a long-standing expert in the construction space. He draws on experience from over 35 years in the industry and is highlighted for 'his pragmatism and willingness to think outside the box, while keeping objectivity and independence firmly in mind'.
  • Mark Dungan…impresses with his 'careful analysis of materials, well-written reports and excellent forensic skills. He has great subject matter knowledge and credibility as a witness.'
  • Dakus Gunn is a highly regarded testifying expert with broad delay experience. Clients say 'Dakus thinks laterally, has clarity in his vision for analysing complex issues and effectively executes to meet deadlines. He cuts through reams of data to produce a coherent and sensible analysis.'

Who’s Who Legal Arbitration

  • Jeffrey Fuchs is a 'phenomenal testifying expert' who has expansive expertise in relation to contraction projects and over 35 years’ of experience in the field.
  • Jeffrey Fuchs leaves sources ‘impressed by the quality of his testimony, as well as his huge experience.’” Another client comments: “He’s one of the best testifying experts that I’ve seen.
  • Jeffrey Fuchs impresses sources with his "outstanding performance and personality" before tribunals, as well as his "clear view" on all the issues involved in a dispute.
  • Dakus Gunn at Delta Consulting Group is a 'knowledgeable and easy-to-work-with' expert who earns acclaim for his 'ability to see the grey in issues.' One client comments, 'Dakus has become the person we call to know anything about the case.' experts that I’ve seen.
  • Dakus Gunn enjoys a phenomenal reputation in the market and is highly sought after by clients who note, He thinks strategically and is always willing to provide his thoughts and insights.

Who’s Who Legal Construction

  • Jeffrey E. Fuchs at Delta Consulting Group is a stellar expert witness with a reputation for handling the larger, higher-profile cases with ease.
  • Sources have no hesitation in describing Jeffrey Fuchs as a ‘consummate expert witness imbued with credibility.’
  • Jeffrey E Fuchs is ‘one of the best experts out there’ according to sources. He boasts over 30 years’ experience testifying in international dispute resolution proceedings.'
  • Jeffrey Fuchs is ‘imbued with credibility’ according to sources who praise his ‘intellectual strength and his ability to make complex subjects easy to understand.’
  • Mark Dungan is highlighted as ‘an excellent expert witness who engenders trust in his testimony.’
  • J Mark Dungan is a standout testifying expert in the construction space. He comes highly recommended by sources who note that ‘the quality of his work is superb’.
  • Mark Dungan is vaunted as ‘meticulous in his work and always reliable’, with commentators pointing to his ‘great demeanour’ which triers of fact find truthful and cogent.'
  • Gene Lash is an ‘insightful and creative’ expert who is ‘whip smart’ in his observations and advice.
  • Gene Lash is ‘a great consultant’ who wins high praise for his top-notch financial damages valuations, delay analyses and testifying experience.
  • Gene Lash is ‘extremely hard-working’ and provides ‘detailed, supportable reports, with clear practical applications.’ One source effuses that ‘the only drawback is that there is but one Gene Lash.’
  • The ‘top-notch’ Charles Heckman is an experienced expert who handles a broad range of quantum and delay matters.
  • Charles Heckman boasts over 25 years’ experience in the construction space, where he is commended for his outstanding analyses in relation to delay and scheduling matters
  • Charles Heckman wins widespread plaudits on his impressive ability on scheduling and delay issues on a range of projects.
  • Dakus Gunn is ‘diligent, hardworking and unquestionably profession al,’ according to sources, who also note that ‘he clearly knows what he's talking about' on construction issues.’
  • Dakus Gunn is ‘a very strong expert on construction matters’ according to respondents who note, ‘He is highly focused on the details of the case’.
  • Dakus Gunn is ‘extremely knowledgeable about construction’ with clients stating that his ‘insights into the management of large projects out the US is invaluable.’
  • Brian Furniss receives effusive praise from respondents for his first-class work on quantum and delay claims across a range of sectors.
  • Cory Milburn is a top-drawer practitioner who is highlighted by impressed sources for his deep understanding of CPM delay analysis.

Who’s Who Legal Consulting Experts: Economic Consulting-Quantum of Damages

  • Dakus Gunn is a prominent figure in the market who is praised for his analytical insights and experience as a testifying expert in various multimillion-dollar projects.
  • Jeffrey Fuchs comes highly regarded by peers and clients alike for his precise and technical damage calculations.

Who’s Who Legal Consulting Experts: Construction-Quantum and Delay

  • Fuchs is an expert in analysis and contract dispute resolution; lawyers describe him as a great weapon to have in your arsenal.
  • Jeffrey Fuchs is well known in the market for his ‘excellent credentials’ and ‘impressive intellectual strength.’
  • Dakus Gunn brings a wealth of experience in the development and construction industry and according to clients ‘knows his stuff inside-out.’
  • Dakus Gunn is an ‘absolute pleasure to work’ with according to sources who admire his ‘great knowledge and insightful advice.’
  • Mark Dungan stands out for the ‘superb quality’ of his work, as well as his great forensic skills.
  • Gene Lash is described by sources as ‘extremely hardworking, diligent and creative.’
  • Charles Heckman is a first-class expert recognised for his impressive knowledge of the construction industry.
  • Brian Furniss is "extremely thorough and dedicated to his work" effuse sources one of whom notes “you can always trust his analysis".
  • Brian Furniss 'is very adaptable and quick to understand any situation' and draws praise for his 'very strong analytical skills'.
  • Cory Milburn is "extremely good at what he does" when it comes to quantum and delay analysis, and is applauded for his impressive “ability to collaborate with the client in problem solving".
  • Cory Milburn 'is responsive to client needs' and impresses market commentators with 'his ability to identify, understand and articulate the issues'.
  • Tong Zhao is recognised by sources as "an expert in construction delay analysis" who has in-depth knowledge of industrial, housing, infrastructure and commercial construction projects.
  • Tong Zhao is experienced across a broad range of infrastructure projects and is highlighted as 'a skillful expert in time impact analysis and construction delay'.

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Charles Heckman

Heckman old image cropped thumbnailCharles Heckman, PE, CFCC, has testified in delay analysis, claims analysis, damages and construction management.  He has provided schedule and project management consulting services for ongoing projects, particularly high profile projects.  Mr. Heckman is also experienced performing risk assessments.  He is a former Naval Civil Engineer Corps officer and has qualified as an expert by the ASBCA on 9 occasions.

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