Delta Consulting Group’s vast experience in Surety matters has provided us with a unique understanding of the Surety business and the importance of pursuing all available means of loss recovery. From the onset of the file, Delta’s well rounded experience and the diverse expertise of our professional staff allows us to consider all aspects of the matter and not be narrowly focused on the construction issues. As a result our team is mindful of the bigger picture and approaches the matter with a fully coordinated effort. We remain cognizant of the Surety’s indemnification and insure our actions preserve that agreement.

Additionally, our team of forensic accountants is experienced in tracking the assets of indemnitors and can assist the Surety and its Counsel in acquiring the funds they are due. Further, our construction claims and damage experts can assess the potential of requesting additional contract funds due to construction delays or disruption to the Principal’s performance.

  • Forensic Accounting
  • Asset Identification
  • Assessment of Potential to Claim Additional Funds
Delta’s recovery services have proven valuable in reducing the Surety’s ultimate loss by insuring the Surety recovers the funds that it is rightfully due.