Delta Consulting Group’s Surety group, comprised of seasoned engineers, forensic accountants and construction managers, has handled numerous single and multi-project exposures for Sureties, both domestically and in Puerto Rico. By working with Sureties for over a decade, we understand the importance of providing timely, quality and cost effective services that allow the Surety to confidently make critical decisions to prevent or mitigate losses.

Our team can provide the full range of services necessary on complex Surety claims, including Payment bond claim processing and the facilitation of Performance bond claim resolution through tenders and takeovers. Our professionals are experienced in analyzing complicated payment claims involving delay and disruption components and managing trust accounts and high volumes of claims. Additionally, we have extensive experience in advising the Surety on the most cost effective performance strategy and implementing completion efforts such as re-letting projects and monitoring completion. Our CPA’s can track the assets of indemnators, insuring the recovery of funds due to the Surety. Delta is dedicated to the Surety industry and provides the Surety with accurate and timely information so they can respond decisively and with confidence.