In the volatile world of the construction industry, a well-managed program/project requires careful planning, flexibility and making the right choices at many critical points along the way. From the initial feasibility studies and cost estimates, through schedule monitoring and financial reporting, Delta Consulting Group’s team of engineers, forensic accountants, and construction specialists have the experience and the expertise to help clients at any phase. We work with clients during the pre-construction phase, ensuring that they take into consideration critical elements regarding costs, budgets, schedules, and other operational issues, so their strategic choices are comprehensive and flexible. Other clients, who bring us in at a later point, may be faced with unexpected problems that can be a daily occurrence on many complex construction projects. After serious problems have caused delays, cost-overruns or defects, Delta can quickly and efficiently assemble a cross-disciplinary team with a broad spectrum of experiences to respond to and to control the situation..

Whether you are an owner, developer, contractor or work in a related field, our professionals have worked on hundreds of projects and can provide objective assessment of scheduling, cost analysis, quality issues, labor productivity, and performance evaluations. The goal of every construction project is timely completion and to stay within budget for a specified level of quality. Our knowledge of what can go wrong allows us to work with our clients to prevent problems before they occur.