Development is a risky business, even when the global economy is strong and a well planned project is going along smoothly. Whether the project is residential, commercial, or a mixed-used site, at any given time during the development process, unforeseen factors can turn a successful project into a troubled one. Delta works with owners and investors, developers, financial institutions, and their law firms to determine the best course of action to turn a project around and to minimize losses.

Delta’s meticulous approach during the initial investigation ensures that your project has the greatest chance of success.

Investigation Services:

  • Project Status Assessment: Schedule, Costs, Quality
  • Forensic Accounting Financial & Fidelity Analysis
  • Completion Strategy
  • Cost to Complete Estimate
  • Exposure Analysis
  • Contractor/Developer Management Skills Assessment
  • Feasibility Study Update
  • Lien and Bonding Advice
  • Sales Contract Cancellation Exposure

Delta’s engineers and construction specialists also provide hands-on management during the completion of a project.

Takeover and Completion Services:

  • Risk Allocation Strategy
  • Competitive Bid Re-let
  • Completion Contract Administration
  • Fund Control & Trust Account Management
  • Preserving Critical Sub-contracts
  • Latent/Patent Defect Correction
  • Value Engineering

However, we know that all projects are susceptible to problems and can face restructuring or default. Delta’s support can be invaluable when your only options are complex workout, litigation or bankruptcy. Because we have seen the harsh reality of many business and project failures, we bring a unique understanding of the nuances of troubled project financing and legal inquiries.

Workout and Litigation Services:

  • Risk Allocation Strategy
  • Competitive Bid Re-let
  • Bankruptcy / Loan Restructuring
  • Sales and Marketing Programs
  • Leasing and Management Administration
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Fiscal Impact / Economic Impact Analysis
  • Develop Technical Proof of Cost: Management, Engineering & Accounting Perspective
  • Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Services
  • Expert Witness and related Litigation Services