In today’s dynamic business environment, risk taking has become highly visible and under the scrutiny of corporate governance controls - - the importance of managing risk has never been more acute. A comprehensive risk management program can identify and assess the collective risks that can impact a company’s value and cause severe losses. Delta Consulting Group’s professionals work with organizations to determine their cumulative risks (evaluating all aspects of an organization’s financial, operational and corporate governance risks) as well as specific project risk management.

Drawing on years of experience and knowledge, our team provides a broad range of accounting and management services that help clients identify, quantify, manage and prioritize their risks and then, develop plans and policies that reduce potential damages, losses and litigation.


  • Asset Evaluation & Positioning
  • Evaluate Financial Process Effectiveness
  • Verify Regulatory Compliance
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Business Plans & Financing Memorandums
  • Forecasts, Projections & Cash Flows
  • Construction Scheduling Risk Identification
  • Risk Identification & Assessment
  • Risk Management Policies
  • Reduce Financial Volatility
  • Capital Project Assessment
  • Competitive Assessments & Due Diligence

Delta professionals optimize a client’s ability to protect against the prevalent risks associated with uncertainty and change within every organization, on every project. Risk awareness – planning – implementing will enable companies to maximize opportunities, increase competitiveness and reduce reactive, costly situations.