Drawing upon years of industry knowledge and experience, Delta Consulting Group’s engineers, forensic accountants, construction professionals and litigation specialists have a thorough understanding of the complex business challenges facing our clients and their legal counsel when they are involved in disputes, investigations, claims and other legal matters. Our dispute resolution experts, who are the best in the business, provide a full range of services, from construction damage, delay, cost and defect calculations and assessments to trial graphics and expert witness testimony.

While we have successfully assisted clients in many different industries, including financial and commercial, Delta’s track record in providing services to the construction industry and their legal counsel is exceptional. Clients turn to us because we know construction from all angles. During the initial stages we know what could go wrong, we’ve seen it all, so we help our clients prepare their projects accurately through construction scheduling, cost and budget controls, estimating, risk management, oversight and project integration which prevent problems later. During construction, our specialists know how to keep projects on time, on budget and in compliance. And should arbitration, mediation or litigation become necessary, we work with you and your legal counsel to find solutions - - we’ve handled hundreds of complex disputes; providing a full suite of services to clients around the world.
Questionable accounting practices, restatements of financial results, financial discrepancies and fraudulent financial reporting have resulted in expanded securities-related and class action litigation, as well as the enactment of new multifaceted regulatory oversight. In this complex environment, Delta Consulting Group has earned a reputation for providing high quality dispute analysis and rigorous forensic accounting services, which legal counsel draws upon for both testifying and consulting expertise. Our accounting professionals know where to look and know what questions to ask so they can quickly identify the facts and quantify the relevant issues that are related to the allegations. In addition, we are experienced in investigating and analyzing economic and business issues that are critical in class action litigation.

Delta offers a wide variety of services throughout the various stages of a litigation case. We tailor our services to the facts, requirements and circumstances of each case. Our experts communicate these findings in a compelling manner, using non-technical, understandable language.


Formulation of Complaint/Pre-Discovery
  • Identification & Evaluation of the Merits of a Potential Claim
  • Clarification of Accounting (GAAP) & Auditing (GAAS) Infraction Allegations, including Citations to Relevant Professional Standards, in the Complaint
  • Identification of Document Sources
  • Development of Comprehensive Production Requests
  • Forensic Accounting Analysis
  • Documentation Review & Determination of Relevance & Reliability
  • Assistance with Preparation of, & Responses to, Interrogatories
  • Assistance with Preparation for & Taking of Opposing Parties Depositions
  • Preparation of Expert Reports
  • Evaluation of Opposing Parties Expert Reports
Trial Preparation/Trial
  • Litigation Support/Demonstrative Exhibits
  • Expert Witness Testimony


Regardless of the unique set of allocations involved in a case, Delta can quickly and efficiently assemble a cross-disciplinary team with a broad spectrum of talent and experiences to respond to the needs of our clients and their legal counsel. Our certified forensic accountants, certified public accountants, investigators and researchers combine their talents to help clients detect, investigate and resolve their securities and class action matters.