Critical decision making, particularly in high-stakes claims cases, should be based on accurate and thorough information at every phase of a project.  Our professionals possess a wealth of technical and analytical expertise; providing our clients with detailed comprehensive analysis, evaluations and expert witness services on commercial and construction damages.  Because we are accustomed to the multitude of challenges on these projects, our experts know where and how to quickly and cost-effectively uncover the facts and quantify the damages.

We investigate, evaluate and calculate damages for our clients at any stage of a dispute. Our team provides our clients with a detailed comprehensive analysis and audit of the damages; typically resulting from breach of contract, fraud, construction delays, scheduling issues, problematic site conditions, change orders, real estate disputes, and variations. In addition, on construction projects, proof of damages often requires the integration of scheduling techniques with damage methodologies such as application of "The Measured Mile" approach, use of industry studies and estimating guides and analysis of productivity achieved on prior projects. Delta professionals have successfully applied these techniques on numerous previous engagements. Our evaluation will include many of the specialized services below.


Damage Services
  • Design Defect & Construction Assessments
  • Change Order Impact Assessments
  • Schedule Analysis of Delays/Disruption
  • Loss of Productivity Analysis
  • Claims Strategies - Liability, Causation & Damages Assessments
  • Identify Claims Issues & Provide Related Technical & Financial Parameters
  • Preparation of Discovery Document Requests
  • Perform Investigative Audits & Forensic Accounting Reviews of Discovery Documents
  • Examine Analyses Performed by Other Experts to Identify Substantive Flaws
  • Identify & Preparing Questions for Deponents & Witnesses
  • Develop Negotiation Strategies & Participate in Negotiations
  • Provide Expert Witness Testimony Services
Construction Scheduling Services
  • Cost & Resource Loading
  • As-Planned vs. As-Built Analyses
  • Construction Delay Concurrency Analysis
  • Excusable & Non-Excusable Delays/Compensable & Non-Compensable Delays
  • Acceleration (Directed or Constructive)
  • Cumulative Effect of Changes
  • Time Impact Analysis & Other Methodologies
  • Impact on Unchanged Work


Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to assist clients in preventing, managing and mitigating costly delays and disruptions. We provide detailed analysis in concise and compelling written and graphical formats, of the causes, impact and responsibility for project delays, disruptions and damages.

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