As the pace of business intensifies and companies expand into new countries, traditional borders, boundaries and markets are becoming irrelevant. As a result, challenges and complex disputes are escalating and must be resolved through litigation, arbitration, mediation, or various forms of ADR. Delta Consulting Group professionals have led teams of experts, attorneys, and researchers toward successful outcomes in settlements and jury trials. With recoveries that extend into the billions, our litigation experts have assisted clients with a variety of trial strategy, trial graphics, expert witness preparation, research, document management, and other litigation support services.

Delta’s professionals understand the tremendous risks involved in these multifaceted disputes. We work efficiently and effectively behind the scenes to produce quality documents and deliver creative insight to help our clients develop a persuasive case before jurors, arbitrators, mediators, and other decision-makers.


  • Provide a full range of Expert Witness Services and Materials
  • Work with Clients and Legal Counsel to Develop Comprehensive Litigation Strategy and Materials that Highlight Case Strengths and Reinforce Critical Themes in Case
  • Prepare Comprehensive & Compelling Presentations of the Evidence - Digital, Print and Electronic Exhibits using a Variety of Methods and Tools (PowerPoint, Analytical Graphs, 3-D Illustrations, and Electronic & Stand-alone Board Presentations)
  • Utilize Color and Technology to Boost Persuasion
  • Vary Tools and Materials to Support and Clarify Expert Witness Testimony
  • Document Management
  • Integrate Research into Presentations

Delta professionals have the experience and expertise to synthesize information into a comprehensible and compelling format that allows our clients to persuasively communicate their arguments to juries and other decision-makers. We work with the trial team or dispute resolution group to enhance the overall effectiveness of the case.