Graphics and Media Team

Drawing upon years of industry knowledge and experience, Delta Consulting Group’s Graphics and Media Team works with the project team to provide demonstratives that make complex analysis easy to understand. Our dispute resolution experts, who are the best in the business, provide a full range of services, from construction damage, delay, cost and defect calculations and assessments to trial graphics and expert witness testimony.

Expert representation of complex engineering, construction, cost and schedule information via easily understood 3D graphics and time-synchronized 4D models and animations.

Featured Applications

  • Planning/Proposals 
  • Point-in-Time
  • Change Orders
  • As-Planned vs. As-Built
  • Constructability Issues
  • Delays/Impacts
  • Clashes/Conflicts
  • Failures

Aggregate Storage Building - Design and Operation

Snapshot:  As-Planned vs. As-Built

4D As-Planned vs. As-Built

Conveyor Design Defect