SuretyPower-croppedProject Value: $47M
Services: Takeover and Completion
Client: Travelers Surety
Location: Remington, VA

Delta’s team of project managers, construction specialists, and accountants were retained by the country's largest Surety to assist with the takeover and completion of a $47 million, power plant project. Our team was tasked with the challenge of determining the best course of action to turn the project around and achieve the most cost effective completion.

The project was being delivered under a Design-Build contract which presented the further challenge to Delta of managing the completion of the design effort as well as the construction. Delta had to assess the status and accuracy of the design as well as the quality of work in place in order to provide our client with an accurate estimate of the cost to complete the project as well as develop a CPM based completion schedule. Additionally, Delta took the lead role in analyzing and negotiating payments to subcontractors and vendors for unpaid services and supplies.

Delta was also instrumental in resolving several disputes with the Owner of the project related to alleged design defects design and differing site conditions in order to advance the project toward completion. Delta was successful in completing the project and obtaining acceptance from the Owner as well as commendations from our Client.