CombinedCylcePowerProject Value: $500M
Services: Schedule Analysis, Delay Analysis, Spanish/English Work Product
Loss of Productivity, Animated Graphics
Client: Fortune 500 Private Company, leading global engineering,
consulting & construction company, specializing in infrastructure
Location: Argentina

Delta’s scheduling and construction claims specialists were retained to work with one of the world’s largest builders of power plants and their legal counsel on four combined cycle power plant projects in Argentina. Our experts were asked to perform a complete schedule analysis on three of the plants as well as prepare the quantification of damages. Delta’s final work product, prepared in English and Spanish, was used in two separate cases, initially to resolve disputes with the various owners and then to resolve disputes with the power equipment supplier. Our construction scheduling and engineering experts investigated, analyzed and then summarized the relevant issues for each of the plants. Delta’s work product included overviews of all of the major delay issues: design deficiencies, design revisions, change orders, prototype equipment problems, loss of productivity, and construction acceleration. 
Delta’s engineering team worked with our Litigation Support specialists, using animated graphics coupled with photographs and video, isometric charts, construction drawings, timelines and other visual images, to clarify and provide a detailed explanation of the construction company’s position regarding the delays and damages involved with the plants. 
Delta demonstrated how major changes, not associated with our client, actually caused the delays and disruptions and adversely impacted the engineering, procurement and construction of the plants.  We demonstrated how our client undertook numerous actions to mitigate the construction delays: worked out of sequence, added field engineers, accelerated construction by working overtime, and re-prioritized several aspects of the project in an attempt to alleviate the snowballing problems.  The Delta team was able to establish that the original design deficiencies, numerous delays, scheduling disruptions and deficiencies, endless changes and other logistical issues caused the critical delay and disruption to the project.
Both cases were settled favorably for Delta’s client, the engineering and construction company.