ESCO-croppedProject Value: $50M+ Combined
Services: Schedule Analysis, Project Advisory and Training Services
Client: Department of Energy - Noresco
Location: Japan, New Mexico, Idaho, Texas, Maryland, Washington, DC

Delta has been supporting the Department of Energy (DOE) Super Energy Saving Performance Contracts (ESPC) with cost analysis, schedule analysis and advisory and training services at multiple DOE locations as a subcontractor to Noresco.
ESPC is a performance contracting vehicle that uses private sector resources for the development and implementation of comprehensive energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrade projects in federal government facilities.  Noresco is the only firm in the country to be selected for all of the Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Energy (DOE) Super ESPC regional contract awards to date.  Delta has been an integral subcontractor on several contracts, providing cost analysis and schedule analysis at the following facilities: Yokosuka, Japan; Forrestal & Germantown DOE Facilities; Idaho National Labs; Los Alamos Labs; NAS Ft. Worth and Pantex.
Under a performance contract, Noresco is responsible for doing an energy evaluation of the facilities.  These evaluations are highly complex as are the basis for determining the total cost of energy, energy upgrades, and energy savings.  Delta assists Noresco in managing the time and cost of implementing energy conservation measures so that profits are optimized and an effective energy savings performance contract is established.  Our services have included: schedule development, analysis and schedule updates and maintenance, cost analysis, as well as performance contracting advisory and training services.
Noresco has been extremely satisfied with Delta’s performance and continues to use the cost and schedule analysis service.