Nuclear-croppedProject Value: $1B
Services: Damages and Schedule Analysis
Client: Black & Veatch
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

The Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant is Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant and it is scheduled to become operational in 2011 (Unit 1) and 2012 (Unit 2).
Black & Veatch (B&V) entered a contract with General Electric (GE) to provide engineering services for the Lungmen project owned by Taiwan Power Company.  B&V alleged that Taiwan Power Company failed to meet certain agreed upon procurement dates and therefore impacted B&V’s ability to perform for GE as anticipated.  As a result B&V incurred additional engineering costs.  Delta was retained to analyze the matter and calculate the cost damages that B&V incurred as a result of delays and impacts beyond its control.  The team prepared a damage calculation report complete with measured-mile analysis and supporting documentation.  In addition, Delta’s forensic engineers and accountants worked with our litigation support specialists to prepare demonstrative exhibits with referenced supporting documentation.