Choice Hotels HeadquartersProject Value:  $25M, Combined
Services: Damages, Delays, Defects Analysis, Expert Witness,
Project Management Oversight
Client:  Global Lodging Franchisors
Headquarters in Maryland & Marketing Center in Arizona

Delta was initially retained by Choice Hotels to review and investigate accounting inconsistencies associated with the ongoing construction of their new headquarters building. Delta’s forensic accountants and engineers were hired to conduct a thorough investigation of the budget, expenses, invoices and other cost-related matters. Following our team’s initial report, the contractor was terminated and a subsequent litigation case was filed.

As a result of the thoroughness and high quality of our work product, our client quickly increased Delta’s involvement in the project. Our engineers were brought in to conduct extensive delay and damages analyses and produce expert reports. As the case proceeded to litigation, our engineers provided expert witness testimony. Concurrent with the litigation case, our project management engineers were asked to provide oversight and management on the remaining phase of the headquarters building. They were able to turn-around the project, which led to a very successful outcome for our client. The headquarters building was completed on time, on budget with no further disputes. In addition, the litigation case was resolved favorably for our client, the owner.

Based on Delta’s success in resolving and handling numerous aspects of the above projects, the lodging company retained Delta to provide complete oversight and management of their next corporate project, a marketing center. Delta’s engineers, accountants and construction management specialists provided comprehensive management and oversight for the marketing center project from beginning to end. This work included schedule estimates and guidelines, cost and budget analysis, on-site inspection and overall contract administration. The team implemented straightforward project controls, ensured contract compliance, maintained project schedule and budget, identified and resolved risks, and managed change orders. The renovation of the marketing center was successfully completed on time and on budget.